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Mango Cream Balls | Signature Mango Dessert Recipe

Signature Mango Dessert Recipe Mango Cream Balls
Signature Mango Dessert Recipe - Mango Cream Balls

                Mango is one of the most nutritious fruit and no doubt about being into a favorite bucket of majority of the people and especially kids are fond of mango and its recipes. Herewith, sharing one of the delicious and Signature Recipe of mango called MANGO CREAM BALLS. This is really very creamy and easy to make recipe.  It is made from mango, cream, sugar and bread.
                See how to make homemade easy Mango Cream Balls at home. Here is step by step process of Mango Cream Balls Recipe.

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                Mangoes – 2
                Sugar – 3 tbs
                Fresh cream (malai) – ½ cup
                Bread – 5 slices
                Milk – ½ cup
                Chopped cherries or tutti frutti and cashews – for garnishing


1.       Take washed peeled and pitted mangoes. Chop them.
2.       Keep aside some pieces and put remaining into mixture jar.
3.       Add 2 tbs sugar and fresh cream.
4.       Blend them till smooth texture.
5.       Remove the sides of bread.
6.       Take flat deep bottom dish; add milk and 1 tbs of sugar and mix well.
7.       Soak one bread slice into it for ½ minute. Do this for both sides.
8.       Take out the bread and using both of your palms; squeeze it to remove all the extra milk as much as possible.
9.       Now put a piece of mango in center part of the bread and wrap the bread around the stuffing, to make ball shape.
10.   Make other balls from the remaining bread slicess.
11.   Place mango in serving plate and pour above mango and cream mixture.
12.   Garnish with chopped cherries.
13.   Set into the refrigerator for one hour.
14.   Chilled, yummy, delicious MANGO CREAM BALLS is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

                Serve chilled as a dessert.

Signature Mango Dessert Recipe Mango Cream Balls
Mango Cream Balls - Signature Mango Dessert Recipe

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    1. Thank you kushi, yes you are right, its taste is very very yummy, why don't you also try it and let me know your experience.:)

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