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Green Chili Pickle | Hari Mirch Ka Achar

Green Chili Pickle - Hari Mirch Ka Achar Recipe
Green Chili Pickle - Hari Mirch Ka Achar 

         Green chili pickle is a very famous in India. In Hindi it is known as hari mirch ka achar and in Gujarati athela marcha or raita marcha. It is a side dish, consumed in breakfast with thepla or paratha with chai or in lunch and in dinner as well. This is the very easy recipe to make. One main thing to keep in mind is, don’t use your hand directly, always use kitchen gloves to cut chili and to squeeze out the water from it.


Green chili long sliced cut – 1 bowl
Lemon juice – 2 tbs
Salt – to taste
Oil – 3 tbs
Yellow Mustard seeds – 3 tbs
            Yellow Fenugreek seeds – 2 tbs
            Turmeric powder – 1 ts


1.       In bowl add long slice cut green chili, add lemon juice and salt. Mix well.
2.       Rest them for 10-12 hours
3.       After 10-12 hours, squeeze out water from chili.
4.       Grind yellow mustard seeds and yellow fenugreek seeds to gether.
5.       Remove In other bowl, add turmeric powder and salt. Mix well.
6.       Heat small pan, add oil.
7.       When oil becomes hot, add it into mustard seed and fenugreek seeds mixture and mix well with the help of spoon. Mix well.
8.       Add green chili also in this mixture. Mix well.
9.       Rest them for two day to mix all flavors.
10.   Store it in glass container with lid.

Serving Tip:

            Enjoy with plain paratha, Gathiya, snacks(farsan), thepla, or any Indian lunch and dinner also.

Green Chili Pickle - Hari Mirch Ka Achar
Green Chili Pickle - Hari Mirch Ka Achar

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