Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Whole Wheat Nachos Chips

Easy Homemade Indian Whole Wheat Tortilla Nachos Chips Recipe
Homemade Indian Whole Wheat Nachos Chips

               Nachos is a Mexican dish. Often it is served as a snack and topped with cheese sauce, cream, olives, jalapeno, etc. Here is Indian version of nachos named Whole Wheat Nachos Chips. It is made from whole wheat flour and with fenugreek leaves to give nice twist and aromatic flavor. Here also used some regular spices.
                This is a crunchy simple finger food recipe. There is no spoon or no fork required. This is also perfect and easy to pick up for party food. You can also make this Whole Wheat Nachos Chips as a holiday treat or serve as appetizer. Basically salsa is a good accompaniment with Nachos but here you can also serve with hot cup of tea. This is perfect for breakfast as well.
                This is very easy homemade nachos recipe. Here is a step by step how to make Whole Wheat Nachos Chips Recipe.

Whole Wheat Fenugreek Leaves Nachos Chips Recipe
Whole Wheat Fenugreek Leaves Nachos Chips


                Whole wheat flour – 1 cup
                Oil – 2 tbs
                Fenugreek leaves – 2 tbs chopped
                Red chili powder – 1 ts
                Turmeric powder – ¼ ts
                Coriander powder – 1 ts
                Cumin powder – ½ ts
                Salt – to taste
                Oil – for frying


1.       Wash fenugreek leaves properly, remove leaves from stems and chopped them.
2.       In a mixing bowl, add whole wheat flour and 1 ½ tbs of oil; mix well.
3.       Add chopped fenugreek leaves, red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, and salt; mix well.
4.       Add water and make medium hard dough. Dough should not much hard or much soft.
5.       Add ½ tbs of oil and again knead dough.
6.       Rest for 15-20 minutes.
7.       Make lemon size balls.
8.       Take one ball and roll in rolling pad with the help of rolling pin and make thin circle. (dust flour while rolling if you needed)
9.       Prick it evenly by fork.
10.   Cut in triangle shape like pizza slice. (you can also use pizza slicer tool to cut)
11.   Deep fry them in medium hot oil till they become crisp and golden color.
12.   Make another from remaining dough.
13.   WHOLE WHEAT NACHOS CHIPS is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

                Serve Indian Style Whole Wheat Nachos Chips with Salsa or Hot Cup of Tea.

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  2. Delicious nachos. Yummy yummy :)

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