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Nutrela Soya Chunks Pakora

Nutrela Soya Chunks Pakora Recipe
Nutrela Soya Chunks Pakora

                Pakora is a very crispy and delicious Indian snacks recipe. It is a very popular in all over India. Best food when your child is hungry and looking for some delicious and all time favorite snacks. To make this oily recipe healthy, introduction of Soya would fill this gap, which makes this recipe rich in protein and vitamins.  If you are fond of health conscious foods then you may also like our Nutrella SoyaChunks Biryani recipe.
                There are so many types of soya chunks available in the market.  Here Nutrela Soya chunks are used.
                Nutrela Soya Chunks Pakora is a crispy deep fried snack which is quick and easy to prepare at home, which is majorly consisting of soya chunks, gram flour and regular spices. Preparing it just requires you to deep soya chunks in gram flour batter and then deep fry them in a oil, that makes your healthy version of favorite snacks.
If you want to learn how to make Nutrela Soya Chunks Pakora recipe, find below the step by step process:


                Soya Chunks – ½ cup
                For batter:
                                Gram flour (Besan) – 1 cup
                                Turmeric powder – ¼ ts
                                Red chili powder – 1 ts
                                Salt – to taste
                                Cumin powder – ½ ts
                                Baking soda – pinch (optional)
                Oil – for deep frying
                Green chutney and ketchup – for serving


1.       Cook soya chunks as per packet instruction.
2.       If instruction is not there, just soak soya chunks in water for 30 minutes, then boil for 15 minutes and drain water, squeeze out water from soya chunks totally.
3.       To make batter: In bowl, add gram flour, turmeric powder, red chili powder, salt, cumin powder, and little water, mix well, make thick batter.
4.       Put oil in pan to deep fry.
5.       When oil becomes hot, add pinch of soda in better, and add 2 ts hot oil on that.
6.       If you want to avoid soda, just add only hot oil in batter.
7.       Mix well; add soya chunks in better.
8.       Coat properly and deep fry in oil till changed color.
9.       Remove in kitchen towel to absorb access oil.
10.   Your NUTRELL SOYA CHUNKS PAKORA is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

             Serve hot with Green chutney and Ketch up, it gives very nice taste.

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  1. These soya chunks pakoras are super tempting. They look delicious. Love it :)