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Besan Ka Cheela | Pudla

Besan Ka Cheela Recipe Pudla Chickpea flour pancake
Besan Ka Cheela - Pudla - Chickpea flour pancake

                Besan ka Cheela is a very popular Indian cuisine dish. In Gujarat, it is also known as Pudla. It is a salty thin Indian style chickpea flour pancake recipe and also looks like dosa. In India, it is consumed in breakfast and dinner as well. It is made from besan (chickpea flour means gram flour) and regular Indian Spices. Spinach, onion, tomato and other vegetables can also be added and can make different version of cheela. To give more variation, you can make batter from rice flour or suji(semolina) or moong dal or even from green gram as well.
                Besan is also known as chickpea flour and gram flour. It is very healthy than wheat flour. It is very higher in protein and low in cholesterol and fat, comparatively.
                Besan ka cheela – Pudla is very easy to make. Sometimes it is difficult to flip properly. Do not worry about it; start by putting ½ ts of oil and 1 tbs of water on hot tawa and immediately clean tawa with kitchen towel and this would make flipping of Pudla like a cakewalk. Repeat this process whenever you make each new cheela. One more difficulty while flipping may arise is when cheela is stuck with tawa and cannot be separated from the same, to address this situation, put spatula in water at once and then try to separate the stuck chella from tawa and Bingo!! now you will find it damn easy to separate it.
                Never make batter very thick nor too thin, instead make it with medium thickness which is preferred. If you want crispier cheela then make batter little thinner.
    Discover how to make Besan ka Cheela Recipe – Pudla Recipe - Chickpea Flour Pancake Recipe using step by step method.

Beasan Ka Cheela Recipe Pudla Chickpea Pancake
Beasan Ka Cheela  - Pudla - Chickpea Pancake


                Gram Flour (Besan) – 1 cup
                Turmeric powder – pinch
                Red chili powder – ¼ ts
                Coriander powder – ½ ts
                Cumin powder – ½ ts
                Salt – to taste
                Garlic chutney – ½ ts
                Oil – to spread
                Water – to make batter
                Green chutney and tomato ketch up – for serving


1.       Take a bowl and add gram flour, turmeric powder, red chili powder, salt, coriander powder, cumin powder, garlic chutney in it and then mix it well.
2.       Add water to make smooth batter. Batter should be in medium thick consistency.
3.       Now heat a non stick tawa and then switch the gas on medium flame.
4.       Pour a ladle of batter or serving spoonful of batter inside tawa and spread it round with the same ladle or spoon as evenly as possible. Then give it a round shape.
5.       Spread 1 ts of oil at the edges as well as in center.
6.       Cook it till the time  the color of chella at bottom becomes golden brown
7.       Flip it by edges with spatula. (if you cannot flip it properly, put spatula in water at once and then again try to flip it, now you can flip it with ease)
8.       Again cook it till the time the color of chella at bottom becomes golden brown.
9.       Remove chella in a separate plate.
10.   PUDLA – BESAN KA CHEELA is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

            If you want to serve as dinner then serve it hot with green chutney and tomato ketch-up. However while serving it as a breakfast; it is good to have with a hot cup of masala tea.

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