Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Turmeric Milk | Haldi Wala Doodh

Turmeric Milk - Haldi Wala Doodh
Turmeric Milk - Haldi Wala Doodh

Turmeric Milk is also known as Haldi Wala Doodh in Hindi. It is a golden colored haldi or turmeric flavored milk. It is a very beneficial beverage in winter.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Milk or Haldi Wala Doodh:

Milk provides rich nutrients. It promotes healthy bones and teeth.
Turmeric is also good for health. It is a natural antiseptic herb. It improves digestion and also a blood purifier.
Milk and Turmeric both are anti-oxidants. Turmeric Milk improves immunity. It is a best remedy for cold and cough. It gives relief from aches and pains also.


                Boiled milk – 1 cup
                Turmeric powder – ½ ts
                Black pepper powder – ½ ts
                Honey – 1 tbs (optional)


                Add Turmeric powder, black pepper powder and honey in boiled milk, mix well and drink after the meal.

                If you want to take it in morning avoid black pepper powder and can have it in breakfast also.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing this 2 min quick recipe of Haldi Doodh/Turmeric Milk.
    I love to have Haldi Doodh in evening most of the days.
    Your recipe just made my day better.
    Thanks again for sharing with me.

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    1. Yes...Having Turmeric Milk, is a good habit. Glad you like our recipe. Thank you for visiting.