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Vegetable Manchow Soup

Vegetable Manchow Soup
Vegetable Manchow Soup

                Manchow soup is Indo-china cuisine recipe. It is made from vegetables and spring onion. It’s a very popular in India and very easy to make at home also.


                Oil – 2 tbs
                Ginger – 1 ts chopped
                Garlic – 1 ts chopped
                Spring onion – 1 chopped
                Cabbage – 1 tbs chopped
                Carrot – 1 tbs chopped
                Capsicum – 1 tbs chopped
                French beans – 1 tbs chopped
                Green chili – 2 chopped
                Vegetable stock -  1 cup
                Salt – to taste
                Soy(soya) sauce – 1 tbs
                Corn flour – 2 tbs
                Fried noodles – for garnishing


1.       Heat oil in a pan or wok.
2.       Add ginger and garlic; saute for a minute.
3.       Add spring onion (reserve leaves for garnishing), green chili, cabbage, carrot, capsicum, French bans and cook till all vegetables become soft.
4.       Add vegetable stock, salt, soy sauce.
5.       Mix corn flour in ½ cup water and add in soup.
6.       Cook till soup becomes thicker.
7.       Remove from gas; pour in serving bowl.
8.       Garnish with fried noodles and spring onion leaves.
9.       Hot, spicy and Yummy VEGETABLE MANCHOW SOUP is ready. 

Serving Tip:

                Serve hot with Garlic Bread.

Vegetable Manchow Soup Recipe
Vegetable Manchow Soup Recipe

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