Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Dry Ginger Powder

Dry Ginger Powder Sonth Powder Sukku
Dry Ginger Powder

Dry Ginger Powder is also known as Sonth powder, Sukku. It is used as a spice in India.

It is used to give flavor in cooking. Dry Ginger Powder is mainly used to make ginger bread. It is also used in tea, coffee, tandoori starters, marinating, etc. Sukku coffee and Sukku Kaapi are very famous in South India. 

Dry Ginger Powder is also used in Gujarati winter sweets.

Dry Ginger Powder is very for health in winter. It should be used in tea and coffee.

It is very good for health also.

How to Store Dry Ginger Powder:

Dry Ginger Powder can be stored in cool and dry place in airtight container.

Health Benefits of Dry Ginger Powder:

Add Dry Ginger Powder and salt in boiling water and drink, it relieves in cold and cough.

It also gives relief in stomachache, constipation and indigestion, gas.

It improves digestion power and also makes hunger.

Try Recipes using Dry Ginger Powder:

Tea Powder-Chai Masala

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