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How to Make Frozen Green Peas

How to Make Frozen Green Peas
Frozen Green Peas

                Green peas are loved by every aged person. Peas are also eaten raw especially when they are fresh and sweet in taste in early winter. In India, peas are used in many dishes like tikki (cutlet), curry such as methi mutter malai, mutter paneer, aloo mutter subji.
                Green peas are powerhouse of nutrition. There are so many health benefits of peas as well. They prevent from stomach cancer, wrinkles, arthritis, etc. peas are high in fiber and protein as well.
                Every one should include peas in their meal. But they are available only in winter. So to take their health benefit, we can make frozen them for summer. It is very easy to make frozen green peas. Would you like know how to make frozen green peas? Here is step by step process of frozen green peas.
1.       Boil 2 bowl of water in deep sauce pan.
2.       When water comes to boil add ½ ts salt and ½ sugar and 1 bowl of green peas.
3.       Boil for 2-3 minutes. No need to cover it.
4.       After 2-3 minutes you can see that they come to surface. Switch off the gas.
5.       Immediately strain them.
6.       Immediately remove in chilled water to stop their cooking process.
7.       After 10-20 seconds again immediately strain them.
8.       Remove peas in kitchen towel and let them come to room temperature.
9.       Keep them in zip lock plastic bag. Place them in freezer.
10.   Your FROZEN GREEN PEAS will be ready in few hours.

                Here salt and sugar are used because salt makes process fast in blanching and sugar maintains the original flavor, aroma, and color of peas.

                When you would like to use it, before half an hour, take out the required quantity to be cooked from the pack and place balance back in the freezer after lock the pack. Once thawed, do not refreeze them again.

How to Make Frozen Green Peas
Frozen Green Peas

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