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Fruit Salad with Custard

Fruit Salad with Custard Recipe
Fruit Salad with Custard

                Fruit salad with custard is a famous Indian cuisine dessert. This is very easiest custard powder recipe. It is made of fruits, custard, and milk. You can also serve this with topping of vanilla ice-cream. This recipe is Indian style fruit custard recipe.
                Custard Fruit Salad Recipe is prepared on any occasion or on any festival. This is very easy to make fruit salad with custard recipe. Here chikoo, banana, apple and to give more flavor saffron (kesar) Syrup is used. Be sure that every fruit should be ripe because they gives good taste and goes well with milk. You can take any ripe fruits which is available in the market and add in this Custard Fruit Salad recipe.
                Learn how to make Fruit Salad with Custard recipe with Step by step method.

Indian Style Fruit Custard Recipe
Indian Sytle Fruit Custard


                Milk – 500 ml
                Sugar – ½ cup
                Chikoo – 2
                Banana - 1
                Apple – ½
                Raisin – ¼ cup
                Saffron (kesar) syrup – 1 tbs
                Custard powder – 3 tbs
                Chopped cherries – for garnishing
                Saffron (kesar) syrup – for garnishing
                Apple julienne – for garnishing


1.       Boil milk and sugar together in deep bottom pan or sauce pan.
2.       Give 2-3 boil.
3.       In small bowl, add custard powder and 4-5 tbs chilled milk; mix well.
4.       Add in milk and sugar mixture pan.
5.       Stir continuously.
6.       When mixture becomes thick, switch off gas and take it to the room temperature.
7.       Mean while chop ripe banana in small pieces, chop chikoo, peel the skin of apple and chop in small pieces.
8.       When milk mixture comes to the room temperature, blend and make very smooth texture.
9.       Add all fruits and raisin; mix well.
10.   Refrigerate to chill.
11.   Your FRUIT SALAD WITH CUSTARD is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

                Take serving bowl or glass, spread saffron (kesar) syrup at all sides, pour fruit salad with custard, garnish with chopped cherries, saffron (kesar) syrup and apple julienne. You can also add vanilla ice-cream on it.

Custard Fruit Salad Recipe
Custard Fruit Salad Recipe