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Mango Pasta

How to Make Mango Pasta Kids Recipe
Mango Pasta Dessert Recipe

                Mango is a national fruit of India and most of South Asian Countries. It is a tropical fruit. Pasta is a traditionally Italian Cuisine staple food.
                Here is a unique fusion dessert recipe made from Indian cuisine and Italian cuisine. It is called Mango Pasta. Sounds strange? But this is really creamy and yummy dessert. This is kids’ recipe. Kids will love this. This is perfect for kids’ party.
                Mango Pasta Recipe is very simple and easy to make at home. This is pure vegetarian and eggless dessert. It is made from Mango, Pasta, cream, milk and sugar. This will give nice color and creamy taste. Here Penne pasta are used. You can also used Farfalle(bow) pasta or Fusilli pasta for kids.
                Learn how to make Easy Mango Pasta Recipe. Here is step by step Mango Pasta Dessert Recipe.

How to Make Mango Pasta Kids Recipe
Mango Pasta Kids Recipe


                Ripe Mango – 2 medium sized
                Sugar – 4 tbs
                Fresh cream – ½ cup
                Milk – ½ cup
                Pasta – 100 gms
                Cherry and mint leaves - for garnishing


1.       Boil pasta in water; add 1 tbs sugar into it. When cooked, drain the water. Take pasta to the room temperature.
2.       Wash and peel mangoes. Remove stones from them and roughly chop.
3.       In a mixture jar, add chopped mango pieces, remaining 3 tbs sugar, fresh cream, and milk; grind them well and make fine puree.
4.       Remove in bowl, add cooked pasta and mix well.
5.       Set in refrigerator to chill it.
6.       Cool kids’ favorite dessert MANGO PASTA is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

                Garnish with Cherry and mint leaves and serve chilled. It gives very yummy taste. You can serve it as a dessert or as a snack as well.

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  1. That's really very imaginative. Yes kids will love it. Has their favourite pasta with a creamy yummy mango sauce and brightened with the red cherries popping up here and there. Very nice.

    1. Thank you Piyali, yes you are right, once kid will taste this they will want it again and again...:)