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Aloo Paratha Recipe | Potato Filling Stuffed Paratha | How to Make Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha

                Aloo paratha is an Indian flat bread. It is one of the most popular breakfast dishes. Usually it is served with Masala Tea in the morning. It is also consumed as snacks with curd or Indian pickle or Raitas.
             Aloo Paratha is a recipe of stuffed Paratha. This paratha is stuffed by spiced mixture of potato. It is popular in all over India. It is very quick and easy recipe to make at home.
            Here is step by step recipe of Aloo Paratha.


                For stuffing:
Potato – 3 boiled
                        Salt – to taste
                        Red chili powder – 1 ts
                        Turmeric powder – ¼  ts
                         Lime juice – 1 ts
                For Dough:
Wheat flour – 2 cup
Oil – 2 tbs
Salt – to taste
    Oil or butter for sauté


1.       Peel the skin of potatoes; smash them; add salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder, lime juice; mix well.
2.       Take wheat flour in bowl; add salt and oil, mix well; add water for requirement and make soft dough. Rest for 15 minutes.
3.       Take a lemon size dumpling from the dough and roll into a circle.
4.       Place one table spoon stuffing in the center of the circle.
5.       Bring together all the edges in the center and seal tightly.
6.       Roll again into a circle with a dry flour.
7.       Heat a non-stick tawa and cook paratha using oil or butter until golden brown color appear on both the sides.
8.       Repeat with remaining dough.
9.       Cut each paratha in four pieces or as your choice.
10.   Easy ALOO PARATHA is ready to serve.

Stuffed Paratha of Potato Filling served with Curd and Tomato Chutney

Serving Tip:

Serve Aloo Paratha with Boondi Raita or CucumberRaita or Carrot Raita or curd or Masala Tea or pickle or Green Chutney or tomato chutney. Aloo paratha and Hot Masala Tea are also good combination in winter.

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