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Masala Chai - Tea

Masala Chai - Tea
Masala Chai - Tea

Tea is famous beverage all over the world, gradually this tea have evolved with various flavors such as green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea and many more. Herewith, presenting the recipe to prepare one famous kind of tea, mainly used during winter or during cold, named as Masala chai in India. This recipe is to meant for 4 servings and will give a creeeeeeeaaaammmy taste. Mentioned below is the step by step method to make this recipe.


                Milk – 3 cups
                Water – 1 cup
                Tea leaves – 4 ts
                Sugar – 8 tbs
                Chai Masala – 2 ts


1.       Boil water in a pan.
2.       Add tea leaves, sugar and chai masala.
3.       Then boil the mixture for a couple of minutes.
4.       Now add milk.
5.       Again boil till mixture reaches to the surface of the vessel.
6.       Reduce the flame immediately so the mixture settles down back.
7.       Now increase the flame again till the time the mixture reaches the surface again.
8.       Switch off gas.
9.       Strain it in serving cups.
10.    Serve hot.

Serving Tip:

                  Serve hot with Cookies or Brownies or any Indian breads.

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  1. I haven't heard of chai masala tea but I am glad you've made me know about it.
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