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Kadai Paneer with Gravy

Kadai Paneer with Gravy Recipe
Kadai Paneer with Gravy

                Kadai Paneer is a traditional North - Indian Cuisine recipe. Kadai means Indian wok and Paneer means cottage cheese. Kadai is also pronounced as Kadhai or Karai. There are two types of Kadai Paneer recipe – Semi Dry Kadai Paneer and Kadai Paneer with gravy. Here is a Kadai Paneer with Gravy restaurant style Recipe. This Kadai Paneer Gravy Recipe is a very quick and easy recipe.
Kadai paneer with Gravy Recipe is a great combination of paneer, onion, capsicum, tomato and spices. Here boiled tomatoes are used to make very smooth gravy. Crunchiness of onion and capsicum is gives very yummy taste.
Must try this Restaurant style Kadai Paneer with Gravy Recipe, you will surely get appreciations from your family, friends, guests, etc.
If you want to know how to make Restaurant style Kadai Paneer with Gravy Recipe at home, here is step by step Kadai Paneer with Gravy Recipe.

Restaurant style Kadai Paneer with Gravy Recipe
Restaurant style Kadai Paneer with Gravy


                Paneer -250 gms
                Onion – 3 no. sliced
                Coriander powder – 1 ½ ts
                Cumin powder – 1 ts
                Turmeric powder – ¼  ts
                Red chili powder – 1 ts
                Garam masala – 1 ts
                Kasoori methi – 1 ts
                Tomato – 5 medium sized
                Capsicum – 1 no. small sliced
                Sugar – 1 ts
                Fresh cream – 100 gms
                Garlic – 4 cloves
                Ginger – small piece
                Oil – 2 tbs
                Butter – 1 tbs
                Salt – To taste
                Oil for frying


1.       Cut paneer in 1 inch square pieces and deep fry in oil till golden or red color.
2.       Then deep it in warm water. After 5 minute strain water.
3.       In other vessels boil tomatoes.
4.       Strain water and grind tomatoes.
5.       Heat 2 tbs oil and 1 tbs butter in a pan
6.       Add onion and after two minutes add capsicum.
7.       Sauté them.
8.       Add garlic-ginger paste.
9.       Cook till onion gives golden color.
10.   Yet capsicum is not cooked fully; do not overcook it; it gives very nice crunchy taste.
11.   Add turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala, sugar and salt.
12.   Add boiled tomato puree.
13.   Cook 5 minutes.
14.   Add fresh cream.
15.   Add paneer and cook for 3-5 minutes.
16.   KADAI PANEER WITH GRAVY is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

                Serve hot with Lachcha parathas, Naan or Kulcha, it gives very yummy,  juicy and tempting taste.


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  1. Wow, superb dish, u have made it the way it should be...

    1. Thank you so much Jeena Suraj for this lovely feedback...

  2. This dish goes well with rotis. I love it...

  3. This dish goes well with rotis too. I love it...

    1. Yes Shobha Kamath, Roti is also good combination with Kadai Paneer... Thanks for stopping by...