Saturday, 10 January 2015

Brown Papad Using Leftover Chapati - Roti

Brown Papad From Leftover Chapati - Roti Recipe
Brown Papad From Leftover Chapati - Roti

Do you have stale chapatis – rotis? Don’t know what to do with leftover chapatti – rotis? How to use leftover chapattis - rotis? This is the recipe using leftover chapattis – rotis. Every time you try upma, curry, and all that, but it takes much more time. This will take only two minutes and you will enjoy crispy, delicious and tasty snack. Yes you can have this in breakfast and as a side dish also like papad (papadum).

This is very quick and easy recipe to make papad (papadum) from leftover chapattis – rotis.
·         Not much to do, just deep fry leftover chapatti – roti one by one in medium hot oil at both sides till crispy and light brown in color . Use chapatti tong or papad tong to hadle chapatti – roti.
·         Remove in kitchen paper napkin.
·         Sprinkle pinch of salt on them.

You can include this recipe in your breakfast or as a snack with a cup of tea. And also add as a side dish with your lunch or dinner.

This is the unique recipe. So my family has given the name to this recipe is: Brown Papad. If you have better name for this, feel free to write down in comment box.

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