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Sago Ball Kheer (Sabudana Kheer)

Sabudana Kheer-Sago Ball Kheer

Sago Ball Recipe
Sago Ball Kheer
Sago ball kheer is a sweet dish in India. It can be eaten during fasting as well. In Gujarat, it is famous with the name of “Saabudana kheer”. Sago is a good source of energy and could be considered as a healthy alternative to other non-healthy energy drinks. It is too low in fat and rich in nutrition.


                Sago balls - 1 cup
                Milk – 500 ml
                Sugar – ½ cup
                Almond – for garnishing


1.       Soak sago balls in water for 4-5 hours; then strain water; squeeze sago balls to remove access water.
2.       Boil milk in a pan.
3.       Add sugar and sago balls.
4.       Boil milk till it comes half in quantity or make it thicker.
5.       After that switch off the gas and leave it for room temperature.
6.       Add sliced or chopped almonds.
7.       Then keep in refrigerator and let it chill.
8.       Chilled and sweet SAGO BALL KHEER is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

                Serve it chill and garnish with almonds or cashews, which gives good taste. 

Sabudana Kheer Recipe
Sabudana Kheer
Serving for two person.

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