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Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka
Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka can be served as starter or side dish. It can be prepared in oven or on gas as well. Grill the paneer and veggies or any other on grill pan or bake in oven.


                Paneer – 100 gms cubes
                Green capsicum – ½ no. cubes
                Yellow capsicum – ½ no. cubes
                Onion – 1 no. cubes
    To Marinate:
                Curd – 1 cup
                Gram flour – 1 tbs
                Ginger paste – 1 ts
                Garlic paste – 1 ts
                Red chili powder – ½ ts
                Turmeric powder – ¼ ts
                Garam masala – 1 ts
                Salt – to taste


1.       In bowl, add curd, gram flour; beat them well.
2.       Add ginger paste, garlic paste, red chili powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, salt; mix well.
3.       Add paneer, green capsicum, yellow capsicum, onion.
4.       Rest for 30 minutes.
5.       Grill it in oven or on grill pan over the gas top.
6.       Arrange paneer, capsicum and onion on skewers.
7.       PANEER TIKKA is ready to serve.

Serving Tip:

                Paneer Tikka can be served with Green chutney or Salsa dip.

Paneer Tikka Recipe
Paneer Tikka Recipe

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