Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Simple and Easy Salad Decoration

Simple and Easy Salad Decoration Recipe
Simple and Easy Salad Decoration

                 Every person first eat by his eye means first they look to the dish. If dish is decorated well they would like to eat. Some do not like to eat salads but it decorated well, everyone would like to eat. There is no need to decorate it very extra ordinary but only simple look gives very nice impression in mind. So decorate your dinner or meal with this SIMPLE AND EASY SALAD DECORATION.

                 Here very common and easily available ingredients are used. If you do not have white pepper powder, you can sprinkle black pepper powder also. It is also give nice look.


                Cucumber – 1 no. sliced
                Carrot – 1 no. sliced
                Tomato – 2 no. sliced
                Onion -  1 no. sliced
                Green chili – 2 no. whole
                Lemon Slices - 2
                Lemon juice – ½ ts
                Salt – to taste
                White pepper powder – ½ ts


  •       Deep fry green chili in oil. 
  •       Decorate all vegetable as your choice. 
  •       Sprinkle salt, White pepper powder and lemon juice on them.

Serving Tip:

                You can serve this Simple and Easy Salad Decoration as a side dish.

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